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Our Patient Portal gives you the freedom to check your account balance, any upcoming appointments, submit patient forms, and communicate with our staff no matter where you are.

Appointment and Treatment History

Check to see if you have any upcoming appointments or pending treatment.

Financials and Payments

The patient portal lets you easily view and print detailed transaction histories* from your account, which is extremely useful for end-of-year FSA reporting and answering everyday account questions. What’s more, you can also check your account balance and submit secured payments right from home!

Secure, HIPAA-compliant file sharing

Our patient portal is a secure and convenient way to share files like X-rays, treatment plan presentations, patient forms, and financial documents. With the patient portal, you can quickly upload any files you have from a previous provider with full HIPAA compliant protection.

*please note that we switched dental software on 2/16/2018, if you are searching for any treatment or account transactions before this date you may need to request that info by contacting us directly.

By clicking on the link below you will be taken to an external, secure website to access your portal and fill out patient forms.

Patient Portal